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We offer stump removal at competitive rates, giving expert advice on the best course of action to be taken on your trees and stumps.  Stump grinding isn't always necessary; poison or digging out roots can also be an option but we will always give you the best advice regardless.

Stump Grinding

Stump Poisoning

Stump Grinding is the most abbrasive method of removing a stump and aslo the quickest. We would remove the whole of the body of the stump leaving just smaller roots to rot down naturally. This method is better for when you are short on time, for replanting and returfing, or building over the top.

Poisoning is the cheaper method and is also better when dealing with trees which sprout regrowth even after the tree has been removed, such as Lime trees and Ashes. It will take alot longer to be ready for any planting but is a more natural method. We only use poisons that neutrallise once in contact with the soil.